The Ultimate Guide to post-Transaction Investment from a Legal Perspective

The successful completion of a transaction or the infusion of fresh investment capital marks a significant milestone in an organisation’s journey, signifying not only a successful achievement but also the dawn of a new chapter. In the days and months following an investment, it is imperative to have a meticulously structured business plan and to carefully consider the various legal aspects that come into play after such an event.

In this blog, we will outline the key critical action points for post-transaction or investment, each with its unique legal considerations.

New hires and teams 

One of the immediate consequences of raising investment is often the need to expand your team. Hiring new employees requires careful consideration of employment contracts, benefits, and compliance with labor laws. Ensuring that all hires are in accordance with the law is vital for maintaining a solid legal foundation.

Employment restructuring

In the wake of a transaction or significant investment, changes in the employment landscape may be unavoidable. These changes could involve restructuring, realigning job roles, or, in some cases, considering redundancies. Prior to making any staffing decisions, it’s advisable to consult with legal experts or your in-house legal team who can guide you through the process of navigating employment changes, offering advice on fair practices, and helping you avoid any legal pitfalls that may arise during these transitions.

New Contracts for Customers and Suppliers

Following the infusion of fresh capital or the completion of a new transaction, your business may find itself in an opportune position to forge relationships with a diverse set of customers and suppliers. In this pivotal phase, it becomes imperative to meticulously craft comprehensive contracts that serve a dual purpose: safeguarding your interests and outlining clear deliverables.

Equally vital is the establishment of effective dispute resolution mechanisms, ensuring that potential conflicts can be resolved in an efficient and equitable manner. Crafting such robust contracts forms a cornerstone of post-transaction legal preparedness, as they lay the groundwork for mutually beneficial and legally sound partnerships that can drive your business forward.

Review Current Terms and Conditions

In the post-transaction landscape, it is a propitious moment to thoroughly assess and, if necessary, enhance your existing Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). This strategic step not only allows for a holistic evaluation of your contractual framework but also provides an opportunity to re-calibrate it in alignment with the evolving dynamics of your business.

By revisiting and updating your T&Cs, you can proactively adapt to emerging business scenarios, remain fully compliant with any recent legal amendments, and, most importantly, realign your contractual commitments with the ever-evolving contours of your business strategy. This meticulous process serves as a foundational element of your post-transaction legal strategy, ensuring that your contractual obligations remain both legally sound and strategically advantageous.

Review and Update Data Protection Policy

In today’s data-driven landscape, the scrutiny surrounding data privacy and protection has never been more rigorous. The post-transaction phase offers an ideal opportunity to meticulously evaluate and enhance your data protection policy. This not only ensures compliance with the ever-evolving data privacy regulations but also takes into account potential shifts in data handling as you may find yourself dealing with increased customer data or sharing information with investors. Maintaining robust data protection measures is paramount in shielding your organisation from costly legal repercussions stemming from data breaches or non-compliance.

Executive Team

A successful transaction often hinges on the capabilities and experience of the existing leadership team. Securing the continuity of this critical resource is usually essential, and this may entail negotiations on new employment agreements or equity participation. At Seven Legal, our legal experts can assist in crafting retention strategies that align with your broader business goals, thus ensuring the ongoing effectiveness and stability of your executive team.

Regulatory Filings and Compliance

Post-transaction, it is not uncommon for an array of regulatory filings and disclosures to be mandated. Maintaining a vigilant stance with respect to these obligations is fundamental in upholding transparency and adherence to the law. Businesses often outsource this to a specialized legal team, such as Seven Legal, where our team is well-equipped to facilitate the accurate and timely submission of all necessary filings, safeguarding your legal standing and reputation.

Ensuring Board Reporting Is in Order

Investors and stakeholders often seek comprehensive, accurate, and transparent board reporting to gauge the health and progress of the business. Legal compliance, financial transparency, and effective communication are linchpins for building and sustaining trust and confidence. 

Due Diligence Updates

The culmination of a transaction doesn’t necessarily mark the end of scrutiny. Prospective investors or acquirers may still delve into further due diligence. This underscores the importance of maintaining a well-organized repository of accessible records. Organisations need to be prepared for post-transaction due diligence, ensuring a seamless process and reinforcing their commitment to transparency and legal compliance.

Intellectual Property Protection

Ensure that your old IP, including trademarks, patents, and copyrights, is adequately protected, and that any new IP developed post-transaction is appropriately managed and safegua


Post-transaction or investment, there are several legal considerations to keep in mind. At Seven Legal, we understand the complexities involved in navigating this critical phase of your business journey. Our experienced legal professionals are ready to assist you in addressing each of these action points to ensure your company’s continued growth and success. Feel free to contact us to explore how our expertise can assist you with your post-transaction legal requirements.