Are smart collaborations the way forward?

For early-stage businesses, Aristotle’s famous “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” idiom often rings true and can be so valuable. Think about the increased possibilities when partnering with others who share your vision. Partnerships have the potential to take your businesses to the next level and help expand your trajectory. It’s a win-win for all parties, when done right…

And on that note, we’re excited to announce our latest partnership with Dream Factory. Dream Factory is a content creation house, based in the UK and US, designed to help founders market their startups with consistent, high quality content. Dream Factory’s main goal is to create connections between the audience and the brand, be it engagement, growing the brand’s presence and ultimately, scaling the startup.

Samuel Gray, Head of Founder Success at Dream Factory said “we’re excited to announce that Dream Factory has partnered with Seven Legal, a specialist provider of legal services for startups. It’s no secret that the need for legal advice and support can arise at any stage of a startup’s development.

With both of our communities focused firmly on helping founders minimise risk and scale with confidence, this partnership will provide our members with access to the expertise and resources at Seven Legal, to help them navigate the complex legal landscape that all startups face. We look forward to working with Bill and benefiting from the team’s knowledge and experience.”

Let’s delve deeper into some of the benefits of business partnerships:

Shared audience

If you find a partner with similar buyers you can introduce each other to your audiences.  We often do this at our dinners which we host with other partners – the more the merrier.

Increased trust

Partnerships enable you to connect with another business’ audience, in a trusted way. For example, if your partner recommends you to their clients, who already trust them, then you’ll find its much easier to connect with them as you are already a trusted recommendation.

Competitive advantage

Partnerships increase your resources, skills and expertise.  You can collaborate on events and share costs.  We often do this with partners as we hosts events together which is more fun and means we can broaden out networks.

Greater perspective

A partnership has the potential to bring a new, fresh set of eyes into the business, helping to identify any missed opportunities and potential areas for growth.  Chatting with your partners about what works for them is often insight that can help you with your own business and give you new ideas.

Examples of strategic partnerships

Spotify and Uber  “Although the music-streaming service doesn’t seem to have much in common with the ride-sharing app, these two companies partnered to give Uber riders a chance to control each ride’s music with Spotify. Why does this arrangement make sense? Spotify provides a unique service in a busy marketplace, while Uber offers riders a chance to listen to their own playlists.”