Newsletter: Data protection and GDPR

Get ready for a major knowledge download with our latest two-minute masterclass on data protection & GDPR. Plus, we have some big news that we are very excited to share with you…

We are 12 months climate positive!

We are thrilled to reach this important milestone in our work with Ecologi. Being climate positive means that we offset the carbon footprint of every member of our staff. This includes emissions from their home, personal travel, holidays, food and hobbies, as well as their business travel.

We are a growing business and so as our team grows, so too does our sustainability commitment. With each new member of staff the amount of carbon we offset increases.

6 Months climate positive

Two-minute masterclass: data protection in a post-Brexit world

Need to know: The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is still very much alive in the UK, even after the end of the Brexit transition period (31.12.20).

UK & EU GDPR: The low-down: UK organisations that collect or process personal information of UK residents need to comply with the UK GDPR, and if they collect or process in addition personal information of EU nationals, they will need to comply with the EU GDPR as well.
Data Protection – 3 things to consider:

  1. Transfer of personal data. Two adequacy decisions made by the European Commission in June 2021 allow for almost unconditional flow of personal data between the UK and the EU. However, transferring personal data from the UK to other non-EU countries (US, India, China etc) is subject to heavy restrictions, and organisations that fail to meet the necessary legal requirements can face heavy fines.
  2. It’s not just GDPR… The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 (also known as the ‘e-Commerce Regulations’) govern the way personal information is collected via websites and other electronic devices. UK organisations with a website must have in place proper Terms of Use, a Privacy Policy and a Cookies Policy.
  3. Fines for non-compliance can be huge. The UK GDPR allows for the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) to fine organisations for non-compliance with the law of up to £17.5 million or 4% of their annual global turnover. While the main concentration of enforcement has (and likely will continue to be) on larger organisations, if your business is aiming to exit to a larger competitor this becomes very important during due diligence.

Want to know more? Contact us to speak to our data protection experts Mattan and Eran.

You’ll also find more detail on this topic in our blog post: Data Protection – what you need to know in a Post Brexit world.

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Next time in two-minute masterclass: Due Diligence

Great news from our clients

We were delighted to hear that Framework has won the European Regional Finals for the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition! They were chosen among some truly game-changing startups launched by HBS alumni – well done to all involved!

Congratulations this month also to the team at The Sports Edit who have just announced a strategic investment by Marks and Spencer. This investment will provide The Sports Edit with the capital and resources to take the business to the next level. All of us at Seven Legal will be watching excitedly to see what comes next after this great news!

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